A Newbie's Guide to Epitaph

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So, just what am I supposed to do then?

The world of Epitaph is a dangerous place. Extremely dangerous. Look, I'm not even kidding - this isn't the usual spiel of 'you are a bright spark of light in a dangerous, unforgiving world'. You won't log into Epitaph and find yourself slaying bunnies. You'll log into Epitaph and find yourself being torn, limb from limb, by hordes of ravenous zombies. You are not Chuck Norris, you can't simply carve a path through your foes. Look at you, you dumb schmuck, you don't even have shoes. Your job, in the short term, is simply to STAY ALIVE.

Your First Few Tasks

First of all, check out your 'wellbeing' - those numbers are the things that define your physical and emotional wellbeing. You need to keep those high, or bad things will happen to you. Food is a first priority - you need to find enough food to keep yourself alive, and you need to find equipment. You need a decent weapon, and you need batteries. Light is important if you don't fancy being part of a zombie buffet. Staying alive is all you're hoping for here. Try to avoid the zombies, you're just a frail, unfit survivor thrust into a new and unforgiving world. Avoid groups, especially - those will tear you apart quicker than you might think.

Once you've got to the point where you actually have put aside the immediate risk of starving or freezing to death, then you can start thinking about trying to turn this situation to your advantage. The end of the world has come with it opportunities for someone like you to make a name for yourself! But what you need is credibility, and the only way you'll get that is to show you have skills that people may find valuable. Scattered around the game are various practise objects - using these will give you a number of levels in the appropriate skill. These will give you the starting point you need to start exploring other things in the game.

Finally, it's worth making a note of safe houses - places where you can go and receive a little bit of security. The various in game factions may be worth investigating.

The Next Steps

Once you're a bit more established and able to deal with at least the immediate threat of zombies, there are various routes you can begin to progress through. Building reputation with the ingame factions will start to open up further opportunities. The train gang for example make lockers available to those who have made themselves useful. Some of the faction NPCs will offer missions to those who ask for them, so check around.

Scavanging is an inexact art, and often fails to turn up that which you need. A good survivor is a survivor who is self-sufficient, and so being able to craft your own equipment opens up new routes for building good relations with other survivors and factions. Lumberjacking and mining are two crafts currently available - you can hunt up appropriate gatherable resources using the appropriate commands (survey and prospect), and then gather the resources if you have the appropriate skills. Most finished goods can also be 'salvaged' for their raw components if they are large enough. Books with useful schematics are valuable in the grim darkness of the zombie apocalypse - you need the schematic before you can actually construct an item.

Achievements, goals and quests are other things you can pursue for glory - both of these reward experience (which is hard to come by otherwise). As you accumulate experience, you'll be able to spend it on 'knacks' to improve your character in a range of ways. These will make survival easier in this dangerous new world of the dead.

And Then!

You're your own person, a rugged individual in the world of the dead. It's your choice as to what you want to be. But what you can be sure of is that there are other survivors, and some of them may even known why the world that you and others had known for so long is suddenly gone...