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Accessibility is an important deliverable for Epitaph - we want the game to be as easy to play as is possible for those with visual and physical impairments. To this end, as of Patch 1.0, Epitaph has numerous accessibility features that can be enabled to improve, streamline or optimise the playing experience.

Query on Login

When you create a character for the first time, you will be asked if you want to enable high accessibility settings. If you do, these will be set from the very first time the MUD starts to provide you any kind of output. The login process itself has been streamlined to remove as much extraneous text as is possible.

Screenreader Command

The screenreader command allows you to quickly toggle on some of the more useful accessibility options. It will do things like setting brief output, moving room contents before the description (so you don't need to wait before you know if you're being eaten by zombies), switching on accessible text and accessible conversation keywords, and so on. If you want to fine tune the options, you can do that through the 'options' command. Switching it off will replace your screenreader settings with whatever they were before you switched it on.


There is a lot of output in the game that, strictly speaking, isn't necessary - things like informs, room chats, weather chats, roleplaying informs and so on. You can 'earmuff' these to remove them from your game output. To do this, use the 'earmuffs' command to see what can be earmuffed, 'earmuff <thing>' to add it to your list, and then 'earmuffs on' to activate the earmuffs.


Within the larger areas of the game (currently just Dunglen), while in a street you can use the 'bearings' command to be provided with the location of nearby landmarks. This allows you to navigate around the city without access to a graphical map.


Drakkos is always looking for suggestions on how to make the game experience more accessible. If you have ideas for this, please report them using the idea command, or through the game's accessibility idea topic.

Client Related

For new MUSHclient users there is the Mushclient_Accessibility guide for gaining the basics on using MUSHclient to play Epitaph.