Arctic Research Facility

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Those of the general public who even know of the Osiris Arctic Research Facility are unaware of the exact intentions for the presence of the Corporation in this frozen part of the world. Through the research of foreign materials, soil samples, biological functions, chemical reactions and the on-going study of nanotechnology, this research facility contains some of the Osiris Corporation's most precious information on the topics of human testing and the analysis of the zombie virus. Knowing that the research was highly unethical, and the technological improvements of nanotechnology was the envy of other corporations of the time, the station sought a man who could protect this facility against espionage from rival corporations and the UNPARC, who had become ever increasingly intolerant of Osiris' unwillingness to unite with them. The man in question is Ivan Balderov, a Romanian mercenary who has turned himself into an organic weapon - he is immensely loyal, fierce and immoral. He has been paid in full for a 10 year stint at this facility, and the world ending won't stop him from fulfilling his duties to what he calls his 'new family'.