Bad Wolff

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Bad Wolff
Ethos Paladin/Consigliere
Loyalty 5000
Order 5000
Favours Billy Wolff
Missions Bobby Wolff, Cindy Wolff, Janice Chalmers, Jake Chalmers
Shopkeeper Bobby Wolff
Tokens Sinead Wolff
Teacher Frank Wolff
Primary agriculture.theory.animals
Secondary agriculture.gathering.butchering
Minor combat.ranged.fired

The Bad Wolff Brotherhood rose to prominence during the apocalypse by offering a safe rural harbour for those willing to turn their lives over to an emerging feudal state. The Wolff family had been the most prominent land-owners and local philanthropists of the village of Blackcairn, and had the money, resources and contacts to receive early warning of just how badly the apocalypse was flaring out of control. They turned their attention to the security of the village, turning it into something akin to a mini fortified city-state. Now they take advantage of this foothold in rural Scotland to intensify their power and authority over the region.

They are the sworn enemies of the Regulators, and will attack members of the Regulators faction and those who are allied with them.

They have made their home at Blackcairn in Scotland.


Missions unique to this faction

  • Give 3 meat cleavers to one of the mission npcs.
  • Give 3 skinning knives to one of the mission npcs.
  • Give a breeding notice to an npc randomly selected from William Roberts.

Missions common to all factions

  • Give 5 medical supplies to one of the faction's mission npcs.
  • Give an envelope to the person it is addressed to
  • Fix 2 objects in rooms controlled by the faction within the faction's stronghold.
  • Search houses on the specified street for the specified item, and give it to Vincent Vango.
  • Tamper with the ledger of a faction other than this one to <increase/decrease> demand for the specified type of goods.

Missions requiring commands

(These missions are only offered if you have the command used in the mission)

  • Bandage 3 others.
  • Deactivate 10 alarms
  • Prospect 10 locations successfully
  • Repair 10 items
  • Ssh to the specified address and download the specified file onto a thumb drive, and deliver that thumb drive to the specified member of this faction.

Missions for factions with enemies

  • Incapacitate 10 npcs belonging to a faction randomly selected from Regulators
  • Search 10 rooms belonging to a faction randomly selected from Regulators.
  • Steal $50 worth of goods from the storeroom of a faction randomly selected from Regulators.

Missions for factions with enemies requiring commands

  • Charm 10 members of a faction randomly selected from Regulators.
  • Intimidate 10 members of a faction randomly selected from Regulators.


  • cultural inculcation, if you are admired
  • good word, if you are admired
  • tinkerer token, if you are exalted
  • identify, if you are admired
  • handout, if you are admired