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Braellen Village & Braellen County

"It happened in the early hours of the morning, but no one remembers exactly when. The dead were returning to life - the same plague that was sweeping the nation and the world had found its way to the far reaches of rural life. A fire rose from the quaint village of Braellen, followed swiftly by gun shots and screaming. It lasted well into the afternoon when the sun drifted behind the silhouette of imposing trees. The darkness which followed never truly left."

What is Braellen?

Braellen is a ravaged village in rural Scotland. Many of the residents are now dead and walking, but the few remaining survivors have barricaded themselves in places most comfortable to them. Braellen has two explorable zones: rural braellen (immediate surroundings) which consists of a couple of unique areas and also scavenging locations, and the nation-wide exploration: scotland. The two exploration zones are shared by the same room. 'explore list' will give you the options.

How do I get there?

Braellen Village is accessed via Scotland exploration.