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Command Cost

250 Command Points


The butcher command is used to butcher a corpse in the hope of providing useable cuts of meat. You can also attempt to butcher specific parts (heads, arms, spleens, ears, noses, etc) from a corpse if you are that way inclined.

Syntax Forms

butcher <target> with <tool>
Attempt to butcher the indicated target.

butcher <part> from <corpse> with <tool>
Attempt to butcher a specific body part from the indicated corpse.

butcher list <corpse>
Get a list of what's inside a dead body.


Example one

> butcher cat corpse with carving knife
You start to butcher a fresh cat corpse with an electric carving knife.
You butcher a fresh cat corpse, receiving a lump of cat flesh.

Example two

> butcher head from cat corpse with carving knife
You hack on the fresh cat corpse for a bit, and come up with some goodies. In a manner of speaking.