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As many of the people coming to Epitaph will be players on Discworld, this page is here to provide some necessary context and an overview of some of the more substantial differences.

Some Major Game Changes

  1. We have no guilds. Everyone is just a survivor. What would previously have been 'guild identity' on Discworld is handled by factional allegiances here.
  2. In addition to skills, players have 'knacks' which are talents for a particular thing. You can view these through the 'knacks' command.
  3. Players also have 'wellbeing', which is how GP and HP are handled rather than as skills. Additionally, there is mandatory eating on Epitaph, and your hunger is expressed too as part of your wellbeing.
  4. Languages are no longer handled by levels in a skill. Instead, they are handled by knacks.
  5. You don't talk to NPCs through the 'say' command - you 'ask' them things. Each NPC has a number of conversational keywords that they can trigger - options communication conversation_keywords = on (or =mxp for MXP links if you have an MXP-capable client) will show you these as hints in conversation.
  6. Commands are bought using command points. See the 'commands' command.
  7. Commands often come with 'cooldowns', which limit how often you can perform them.
  8. Combat is positional, making a distinction between being 'in melee' and 'at range'
  9. There is no permadeath on Epitaph, but you will eventually start accumulating decrepitudes if you aren't careful.
  10. Most items in the game come in many varieties of colours, materials and ornamental features. Materials in particular are not simply 'window dressing', they have game impact.
  11. There are severe limits on how often players can steal from each other. There is no ability for corpse looting or corpse stripping, and there never will be.
  12. PK status can be toggled - switch it on and off as you feel you need to, although there is a delay with regards to how long it takes before the status switches off.
  13. Most activities earn XP here, but there is no idle XP.
  14. The time-out for players is much higher, although it is dependent on the current player count on the game.
  15. We have no families, but we do have 'clans'
  16. Alignment is on a four-axes system and has considerable game impact.

Some Major Policy Changes

  1. There is no profanity restriction on *most* of the game channels. But still, make sure you are comfortable with 'help harassment' and the other rules.
  2. We have no liaison domain, and likely won't have one. The community policing system will allow you to manage many player community issues. Game creators can sweep in and override community decisions at any time, or dispense justice according to whatever cruel whims they feel are appropriate.


Epitaph IS NOT DISCWORLD. We may have grown from a Discworld lib and have been developed by a number of Discworld creators, we're not remotely bound by Discworld conventions, rules or policies. Complaints that 'this isn't how it works on Discworld' are unlikely to be given a lot of attention.