Coming to Epitaph from Discworld

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As many of the people coming to Epitaph will be players on Discworld, this page is here to provide some necessary context and an overview of some of the more substantial differences.

  1. We have no guilds. Everyone is just a survivor. What would previously have been 'guild identity' on Discworld is handled by factional allegiances here.
  2. In addition to skills, players have 'knacks' which are talents for a particular thing.
  3. Players also have 'wellbeing', which is how GP and HP are handled rather than as skills. Additionally, there is mandatory eating on Epitaph, and your hunger is expressed too as part of your wellbeing.
  4. Languages are no longer handled by levels in a skill. Instead, they are handled by knacks.
  5. You don't talk to NPCs through the 'say' command - you 'ask' them things. Each NPC has a number of conversational keywords that they can trigger - options communication conversation_keywords = on (or =mxp for MXP links if you have an MXP-capable client) will show you these as hints in conversation.