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Condition is a command that all players have. It is also a concept that reflects how much abuse an object can take before it is broken.

Many objects, such as weapons and armours, have a condition, which determines how efficient that object is at doing whatever it is that it does. Other things, such as furniture and clothing are not dependent on condition to work, except that they might stop existing if they break. As the object is used it may have a chance to decrease. Its messages associated with the condition command and added to the object's long description are as follows, based on the object's maximum condition. The colours indicated are only shown with the condition command, and are not used when the condition of an object is relfected in its long.

excellent 100-91%
very good 90%-81%
good 80-71%
decent 70-61%
fairly good 60-51%
fairly poor (white) 50%
fairly poor (cyan) 49-41%
poor (cyan) 40%
poor (green) 39-31%
really poor (green) 30%
really poor (yellow) 29-21%
very poor (yellow) 20%
very poor (red) 19-11%
atrocious (red) 10%
atrocious (bold red) 9-1%
is a complete wreck <1%?
broken 0%