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Epitaph has a number of safes and locked containers - the crack command is used to break those locks. Every safe has a trigger point at which it will unlock, and keeps a track of what its current internal mechanism is set. You can 'analyze' a safe to see how far it is from being opened, and 'rotate' the mechanism to try and find its internal trigger point. The difficulty of the safe defines how accurately you can rotate and analyze the internal mechanisms, and also how close to the trigger point the internal mechanism must be before the safe will open.


crack rotate <target> {minutely|slightly|moderately|significantly|substantially|wildly|fully} [to the] {left|right|centre}
Rotate the <target> lock by hand to the indicated direction by the indicated amount.'
crack rotate <tool> [in] <target> {minutely|slightly|moderately|significantly|substantially|wildly|fully} [to the] left|right|centre}
Rotate the indicated tool to the indicated direction by the indicated amount.
crack open <target>
Attempt to open a object that you believe has been cracked.
crack analyze <target>
Jiggle the <target> a little to determine how far it is from being cracked.


Command Cost

500 command points.



Critical failure can result in your tool being broken.