Diplomatic Corps

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Diplomatic Corps
Ethos Consigliere/Paladin
Loyalty 5000
Order 5000
Favours Rory McLaren
Missions Amelie Lambert
Shopkeeper Paul Ryanson
Tokens Alfred McCoy
Teacher Baruti Ngige
Primary mental.control.nerve
Secondary subterfuge.theft.location
Minor None given

The United Nations Post Apocalypse Reconstruction Committee is the United Nation's premier post apocalyptic committee, having incorporated all lesser committees into itself. UNPARC operates according to the 'legislatively sensitive' UNPARC Doctrine, an agreement to which all post-war administrations must sign up in order to receive UNPARC aid and assistance. In this way, they are attempting to form a cohesive, global response to the undead.


  • Give 10 painkiller tablets to Amelie Lambart
  • Give 20 clothes to Amelie Lambart
  • Kill 10 missionaries
  • Kill 10 operatives
  • Subdue 10 <random enemy faction> members
  • Steal £50 from <random enemy faction> shop safe
  • Search 10 rooms in the headquarters of <random enemy faction>

Inquire Results

  • no interest in buying armours
  • very little interest in buying weapons and ranged weapons
  • little interest in buying power sources and processed resources
  • some interest in buying grenades and raw resources
  • normal interest in buying jewellery and ammo
  • quite a lot of interest in buying specials and miscellany
  • lots of interest in buying foodstuffs and medicines
  • huge interest in buying clothing