Dunglen Radio

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Dunglen Radio
Ethos Consigliere/Paladin
Loyalty 5000
Order 5000
Favours Grandfather Game
Missions Twa Dugs
Shopkeeper Phreaky Fred
Tokens Mister Game
Teacher Phreaky Fred
Primary None given
Secondary social.communication.verbal
Minor social.communication.humour

Dunglen radio was never the most significant radio broadcaster within Scotland. Indeed, it may not have even had majority share within Dunglen itself. But damnit, they're still here. They're still standing. They may not have mattered much before all this happened, but they sure as hell matter now..

Faction shop

In addition to standard storeroom inventory, this faction may sell:

  • radio headsets


  • cultural inculcation, if you are admired
  • good word, if you are admired
  • tinkerer token, if you are exalted
  • identify, if you are admired
  • handout, if you are admired

Missions unique to this faction

  • Give 5 bottles of water to Twa Dugs.
  • Give 5 foods to Twa Dugs.
  • Deliver encoded communique to an npc selected from Headmistress and Shawn.
  • Kill 2 bloaters.
  • Kill 5 former factory workers.

Missions common to all factions

  • Give 5 medical supplies to one of the faction's mission npcs.
  • Give an envelope to the person it is addressed to
  • Fix 2 objects in rooms controlled by the faction within the faction's stronghold.
  • Search houses on the specified street for the specified item, and give it to Vincent Vango.
  • Tamper with the ledger of a faction other than this one to <increase/decrease> demand for the specified type of goods.

Missions requiring commands

(These missions are only offered if you have the command used in the mission)

  • Bandage 3 others.
  • Deactivate 10 alarms
  • Prospect 10 locations successfully
  • Repair 10 items
  • Ssh to the specified address and download the specified file onto a thumb drive, and deliver that thumb drive to the specified member of this faction.