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Favours are things most factions offer in exchange for reputation. Most are available at the admired standing, but the tinkerer token favour requires a exalted standing.

Favour Offered by Cost
cultural inculcation Auld Kirk, Caledonia, Couriers, Dragoons, Hoteliers, Poor Soldiers, Tartan Army, Train Gang, University, Winchester 5000
experience Dark Carnival 10000
good word Auld Kirk, Caledonia, Couriers, Dark Carnival, Dragoons, Hoteliers, Tartan Army, Train Gang, University Winchester 10000
handout Auld Kirk, Bad Wolff, Couriers, Iron Farmers, Osiris Acquisitions, Winchester 10000
healing Dark Carnival, Dragoons 5000
identify Auld Kirk, Couriers, Winchester 10000
payout Dark Carnival 10000
repair armour Black Watch, Osiris Security, Poor Soldiers, Reivers 5000
repair clothes Dark Carnival 5000
repair weapons Iron Farmers, Poor Soldiers, Reivers 10000
tinkerer token Auld Kirk, Bad Wolff, Caledonia, Couriers, Dragoons, Poor Soldiers, Reivers 50000