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Epitaph Online has a hunger system. This means you periodically must eat food to survive (or at least not get some nasty penalties.)

There is a good variety of food, and some of it provides additional effects, such as energy or resolve boosts.

Some food goes bad over time. Eating partially rotten food may lead to nausea which will cause you to vomit repetitively increasing thirst and hunger.

Food Taste Hunger / bite Bites
bell pepper none 80 3
box of cereal flakes hearty 30 8
box of dry cat food disgusting
can of beef chili none 130 3
can of borscht none 220 2
can of sardines tasty 80 3
can of tomatoes juicy 80 2
chocolate chips tasty
cracker none 40 1
jar of peanut butter tasty 40 1
lump of zombie flesh none 40 1
pie dough 80 1
tin of olives tasty
package of m&m tasty 15 4
chunk of cherry pie filling 1
hanful of bacon bits 5
jar of strawberry jam 1
potato 4
carrot 3
box of cereal puffs 8
can of tomato sauce 2
star bar 3
can of wet dog food 3
tin of spam 3
raspberry 1
refried beans 1
can of peaches 4
chocolate bar 4
can of condensed milk 4
packet of brown sauce juicy 2
handful of blueberries 4
bag of walnuts 1
handful of cherries 3
rhubarb pie 2
egg 1
can of chicken 3
wet dog food disgusting 80 3

Disgusting lowers resolve by 20.

Juicy adds 20 to thirst.