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Every faction with a stronghold has a general shop, and additionally, clan strongholds have the option to add a shop to their stronghold.

General shops sell a variety of goods, some unique to that shop, and some randomly selected from a pool of goods that can be found at all shops. All shops except for the Shop of the Carnival of Undead Wonders at the Dark Carnival stronghold will buy goods. Your current standing with that faction must be at least neutral in order to business of any sort, and the outlying strongholds of the major factions may require you to join the faction in order to use the shop.

The prices at which goods are sold will fluctuate randomly over time, and these are based on which category the item falls under. These are:




  • driver
  • gardening shovel
  • gardening rake
  • putters
  • replica claymore
  • snooker cue


ranged weapon

Of note, weapons intended for throwing, such as darts, fall under this category.






  • bottle of conditioner
  • bottles of shampoo
  • brown glass beer bottles of beer
  • camp stove
  • chunks of gemstones
  • clear glass whisky bottles of cheap whisky
  • courier tokens
  • handfuls of computer innards
  • handfuls of loose electronics
  • handfuls of radio innards
  • mordant
  • piece of chalk
  • plastic bottles of water
  • roll of toilet paper
  • simple radios
  • small bucket
  • small wheelbarrow
  • vial of dye
  • water pipe


raw resource

  • logs
  • lumps of meat
  • plant matter

power source

  • Large batteries
  • Small batteries

processed resource

These are:

  • metal bars
  • stone cubes
  • wooden planks

but not cloth strips.



Stock unique to faction general shops


  • brown glass bottles of beer
  • clear glass whisky bottle of cheap whisky
  • plastic bottles of water
  • simple radios

Tartan Army

  • bath towels
  • cigarettes
  • medium holdalls
  • towels


  • courier tokens