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heal <living> with <object>
Heal the indicated target with a first aid kit.


A first aid kit with at least one use remaining. Succeeding the first skill check will consume one use from the first aid kit.

Command Cost

250 Command Points


30 seconds


Costs 30 energy

Consists of 2 stages

First stage checks mental.medical.treatment

Failing first stage looks like:
You rummage through the first aid kit for some suitable healing component, but come up empty.

Healing yourself is somewhat more difficult because you are burdened, which is mitigated by the fact that your energy levels are high and your resolve is high.
You feel more able to jury-rig a medical treatment.
You begin to fuss around yourself, looking for an opportunity to apply your medical expertise.
You manage to patch some of of your wounds. (succeeded second stage, recovered some health)
You manage to patch up all of your major wounds. (succeeded second stage, recovered all health)