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    The Maestro is Epitaph's event generator - it is responsible for          
    ensuring that players live in Interesting Times.  Maestro tracks all
    players, and makes a note of interesting aspects about their current
    states.  When it deems it's appropriate, it'll throw a curveball your

How does he work?

    That's a secret...                                                        

What states does he track?

    That too is a secret.  But one of the things it pays attention to is      
    how noticeable you have been. 

Does he really exist?


Is there any good news at all in here?

    If you are in trouble - serious trouble - you might want to try           
    prayer.  Pray to Maestro and you might find yourself abruptly plucked
    from danger and returned to safety.  Or not.  Sometimes he'll just
    make things worse.  It's an option though.