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Mood components

Good Moods

Mood component In game description [change to mood] Notes
Amongst Allies You've made a name for yourself here - this is home. [10]
Beer Goggles Hey, this world doesn't look so bad after all! [10]
Drowning The Demons You've successfully drowned your personal demons in a soothing ocean of alcohol. [20]
Everything Is Awesome Everything is awesome when we're living our dream [15]
Feeling No Pain You're bullet-proof! Whatever was in that alcohol seems to have made you indestructible! Hic! [15]
Filthy Rich It feels pretty good to think about just how stupidly rich you are. [15]
Free Of Aches You're a well-oiled machine - nothing hurts. [5]
Fresh Food Fresh food! Oh my god, the flavours! [5]
Full Of Beans You're full of energy, ready to face what the world may throw at you [5]
Happy Memory You had a memory that made you feel a little happier. [5]
It's Gonna Be A Great Day You're feeling pretty great - it's gonna be a great day! [15] One possible daily login gift
Keep Epitaph Tidy Neatness has a way of buoying the spirits. [2]
Learned Something Difficult You improved your mastery of a skill that was already pretty good. [10]
Learned Something Important You just honed your understanding to a razor edge. [15]
Lucky Bugger You get the feeling the dice rolled your way for once. [10]
Mean Spirited Interaction Sometimes it feels good to just be a dick. [5]
Payback Payback is a bitch, zombies. [5]
Refreshed There's nothing like a delicious beverage to raise the spirits. [2]
Respect For The Dead You haven't forgotten the dead. [5]
Resting Your Feet It feels pretty good to take the weight off your feed for a while. [5]
Rich You just remembered how much money you've got stored away. [10]
Rude Health Is there anything better than being completely healthy? [5]
Safe From Horrible Weather It's nice to not be out in that rain/snow [2]
Stuffed To Bursting Your belly is full, and not many people can say that. [5]
Successful Gathering It feels good to live and succeed by your ability to work the land. [5]
Successful Survey Your keen eyes picked up on something of value to gather here [5]
Successful Transform You've managed to turn one thing into another thing - the world needs more people like you [5]
Toasty Warm You slept in a warm sleeping bag - it's done you some good. [15]
Took A Nerve Pill You're feeling pretty evened out. [20]
Warm Glow The alcohol you've drunk has imparted something of a warm glow. [5]
Warm Glow Of Accomplishment You've set your mind to something, and carried it out. Well done. [5]
Well Hydrated You're well hydrated, and it's doing wonders for your skin. [5]
World Class Learning There may be nobody left in the world who knows what you know. [20]

Bad Moods

Antsy Nothing much is happening around here. [-2]
Ate Some Bad Food You recently ate some disgusting food. [-5]
Brave New World You're immune to the infection, but that was a close call. [-5] Used a vaccine
Chilly There's a nip in the air. [-15]
Dehydrated Your saliva feels like sand in your mouth. [-15]
Disgusted Something nearby is turning your stomach [-5]
Disoriented By Drink Your vision is all blurry and your thoughts are muddled. It doesn't feel nice. [-10]
Failed Transform Your stupid sausage fingers ruined that - what an utter waste of time and material. [-5]
Feeling Dirty Urgh - what you wouldn't give for a good shower. [-5] lightly spattered/spattered with gore
Grungy Clothes You're wearing some grungy clothes, and it's not very nice. [-5]
Heavily Over Burdened You're carrying an awful lot, and it's starting to get you down. [-20]
Hurts To Move It feels like someone beat you half to death with a pillow-case full of hammers. [-15]
Indigestion Something you ate didn't agree with you. Blurgh. [-15]
Lightly Rattled You feel a little rattled by the moans. [-2]
Naked People can see your naughty bits! Cover yourself up, you'll catch a cold. [-15]
Out In Horrible Weather The driving rain is getting everywhere [-5]
Rumbling Stomach Your last good meal was an uncomfortably long time ago. [-2]
Sad Memory You had a memory that made you feel a little sad. [-5]
Sore Body Part That *really* hurt! [-15]
The Demons Can Swim You tried to drown your demons, but the bastards can swim. [-20]
Thirsty Your mouth feels uncomfortably dry. [-5]
Unwanted Combat You didn't pick this fight you're in! [-15]
Weary You feel run down and tired. [-2]

Decrepitude components

Rallied Your spirits have been rallied by an ally's bold battlecry! [10] Applied to self and member of group upon successful battlecry

Bonus range: ??-high (78%)-100

Penalty range: 0-low (23)-???