Practice Objects

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Practice objects can be found by scavenging or at locations, where you can't take them with you. When you find one you can practise with it and gain up to level 25 in a skill.

Stationary practice objects
object skill skill description
chopping block materials.gather.wood gathering wood
climbing frame physical.stunts.climbing climbing a climbing wall
dart board combat.ranged.thrown throwing something combat
freestyle throwing dummy combat.unarmed.throwing throwing a person in combat
home-made tanning kit agriculture.manipulation.tanning tanning skins
main breaker box electrical.theory.misc understanding of the theory of miscellaneous electrical devices
punching bag combat.unarmed.striking fighting unarmed
ranged target combat.ranged.fired firing a shotgun
sack of straw combat.melee.pierce fighting with pointed weapons
swingball set combat.melee.blunt fighting with blunt weapons
tennis ball cannon combat.defence.dodging defending by dodging
wing chun wooden dummy combat.tactics.unarmed preparing an unarmed special attack
Movable Practice Objects
disconnected car alarm electrical.manipulate.alarms disarming an alarm
my first tanning toy
plastic easy bake oven
rubber practise knife fighting with sharp weapons
stuck clear glass jar physical.control.force exerting physical force
suture practice kit mental.knowledge.medicine sewing up wounds