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|Personal Possessions
|Personal Possessions
|1 per $50 in value
|Vaulted Possessions
|Vaulted Possessions

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Prestige points are a numeric value of what you're worth. All your time, energy, blood invested into your character is converted into points when refreshed. These points can be used to buy fancy titles, knacks and other stuff.



Prestige Titles are a nice way to bribe yourself into court.


Prestige knacks for when you want that extra oomph.


Professions, to unleash your true potential.

How you get them

This section is in heavy research. Expect Breakthroughs and Eureka! moments.

The Stuff

stuff value modifier
Exalted Factions 2000 per exalted faction (Winchester doesn't count)
Admired Factions 1000 per faction (Winchester doesn't count)
Respected Factions 500 per faction (Winchester doesn't count)
Achievements Depends on the achievement?
Quests 10 per 1 quest point
Community Points Since noone actually has Community Points we will have to experiment with that.
Memorised Schematics 1 per 1% of very easy or easy, 2 per 1% of quite easy
Personal Possessions 1 per $50 in value
Vaulted Possessions Every item vaulted is worth less than when carried in inventory(personal possession)
Bank Accounts 0.02 per pound
Unspent XP 1 point for every 10k XP