Radio Dunglen technical manual

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Looks like

This is a large, heavy tome full of schematics and designs for various bespoke radio transmission equipment designs. It's all very niche, but undoubtedly a useful resource.

Radio Amplifier

Schematic: Radio Amplifier

This is the schematic for an amplified radio transmitter. The battery for this must be large enough to power the device, so small batteries will not be appropriate.

This schematic requires:

1 x radio innards

1 x large battery

1 x large satellite dish

It's an averagely difficult schematic.

It will test your understanding science.

It looks like the basic model of this would be of average quality.

Every separate part in this schematic must be of the same colour.

Every part in this schematic must be of the same colour.

This item must be assembled.

Found in

  • Dunglen University Library
  • Dunglen Radio has a copy laying in the basement