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Command Cost

500 Command Points


The research command allows you a chance to gain some memory of a schematic without needing to have possession of that schematics, and without having to craft the item the schematic is for.

The amount of memory gained is double for a critical success, is half (truncated to the tenths place) for a partial success, but can be negative for a failure.

Energy cost

200 energy, reducible to 180 with 5 stacks of Caffeine For Blood.


1800 seconds

Syntax Forms

research <schematic>

Research a particular existing schematic.


Example one

> research
You start to research something.
You feel as if you have made some progress in researching: Longsword.


It may be worth noting that the Eidetic Memory knack influences the amount of memory gained, and in the case of a partial success, is calculated before reduction due to that partial success.

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