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Recent and planned expansion

I expanded this page a little. Just now, to give some basic information about the concept of food and hunger. I will expand a little on hunger, and make this page link to hunger as well.

I made sure to leave Wiki internal links for items that should have their pages, even though they don't have them yet.

I will add a list of foods later on. I was thinking possibly a table, stating things like if it rots, container short name (e.g. square tin), if it requires cooking/ can be cooked, how much hunger is replenished per a bite, how many bites per an item. Since I don't have my hunger level expansion knacks yet, I won't be able to see the actual amount that a handful of cereal provides.

Adding Foods

I started adding foods to the table and added a column for size since many things come in individual, regular, or family sized. However, just adding foods as I see them without having all the rest of the info is starting to look silly so perhaps they should be noted in a different way until more research on hunger points & bites can be done on them? I don't know if that's better to do in a discussion or just a paragraph style list at the bottom of the wiki page where more people are likely to see it.

Also, this list looks like it will get pretty unwieldy quickly so should consider breaking them into a few different tables, maybe:

  • tin/cans/jars
  • fresh
  • bottle/tubes
  • other

I don't want to start a large restructuring like that just all willy-nilly on my own though. --Mara

15/02/10 I started a fresh page for all my restructuring so that I wouldn't keep messing up this one