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NOTE: Quite some new equipment has been added by patch 1.0.21. You probably have a wider range of choice now than what the guide offers.

Survivors who have ventured around long enough get the urge. The urge for Better Stuff! This guide is just for that, to help you find the right tool for the right moment.


Weapons are the usual tools used for disposing zombies. They range from kitchen knives to full-rigged miniguns.

A good thing to keep in mind is the material and the condition of your weapon. Better material is stronger, the best metal ones are iron, steel and tungsten. Good wood materials are usually oak, beech and walnut. Check out materials for more suggestions.


Smashing zombie heads, who doesn't like it? Good starters are baseball bats and sledgehammers, they are quite easy to find at North Dunglen. Various NPCs carry them and the Winchester sometimes has them in stock too.

If you can bribe someone from Osiris then the truncheons are worth it too. Lightweight and cheap. Additionally the war maces that missionaries carry work very well too.

The best blunt weapons are (crafted) quarterstaves, they are lighter than sledgehammers but keep the punch.


(Need Martinez here)


Sharp blades tend to consist of knives, swords and axes.

Of course there are differences between knives, the ones you want to aim at are fighting knives and osiris daggers. Especially osiris daggers, they are one of the strongest daggers around. Quite cheap and easy to find (it's at the Osiris PR building).

Generally any sword of iron/steel material is good, although if you want to use them one-handed then the castle forged longsword and (crafted) machete are the way to go.


Some might argue about the use of guns against big hordes of zombie. One thing is sure though, they just look cool. Then again there are several firearms you want to avoid, like the MJ-12 semi-automatic pistol. Bows, slingshots and crossbows are entirely terrible.

AR-51 assault rifle and ROS-47 semi-automatic shotgun are the better ones and can easily be bought from the Dragoons.

If you want The Badass gun, it's the minigun. Miniguns are blood heavy, take time to be found and go through ammo like crazy. The hail of bullets you let off with every shot makes it up.

And last, but certainly not least, is the .44 revolver. It has the weight of a pistol and the power of an assault rifle. Only downside is that it uses revolver cartridges, which are a bit hard to get.


Sweeping up zombies from a distance is what explosives are for. The molotov cocktail wins this category with hands down. It's easy to make, requiring only a scrap and some petrol.

If you feel fancy though there are always the pipe bombs and mines. Most of the time they aren't worth lugging around though.


Armour is the last resort, if you can't outrun or outgun the zombies this will be your saviour. The trick is finding the right piece of protection.


Usually you don't want too much armour since it affects your dodging negatively, so light armour that protects more or less what needs to be protected (who needs an extra arm anyway?) is what you want.

Kevlar vests are fine for the criteria, they weight half a kilo and protect against sharp/pierce damage. Steel/titanium chainmail vests are the best. They are incredibly light, have good overall protection and even cover your arms!

A homemade car tyre pauldron probably has some protection, not much to write home about though.

Aside from torso armour you can also wear metal vambraces, helmets and greaves. These offer the best protection but are heavy when wearing the entire set.


These armour sets are for the modern barbarian who want to go leap into battle with full-clad armour.

The bone armour and paladin armour give protection, skill bonuses and are blood heavy.


Weapons and armour alone won't drag you through the apocalypse, you will need survival equipment too!

A container to keep your loot and possessions. Rucksacks, backpacks and holdalls all fit the job and can be bought at various factions.

Sleeping bags, they halve your powernap cooldown and provide a warm place to take a nap. Try to find a light one though if you plan on using it a lot, the extra kilos all add up.

Wind-able flashlights and night vision goggles, if you want to feel safe in the darkness then these are a necessity. The flashlight is great since you won't need batteries, the goggles save up burden.

Spare equipment is great to have around for repairing or replacing your primary equipment.

Pills. Painkillers, nerve tablets and caffeine tablets are the ticket for keeping up the fight against zombies. If they fail you always have...

Bandages! These buggers combined with the bandage command make living a lot easier.