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Titles are cool things that you get when you do some cool stuff, like helping out factions, achieve achievements and complete quests. The titles you get from factions and achievements are pre-titles, you can put them before your name. Completing quests gives you quest-titles which show up behind your name on the who list. There are also player-titles which you can set with whatever you want, it shows up on who list.

Faction Titles

These titles can be gotten when one achieves the Exalted status with the faction.

title faction
Agent Osiris Acquisitions
Caledonian Caledonia
Captain Black Watch
Covenanter Auld Kirk
Ensign Sea Wolves
Guest Hoteliers
Inspector Train Gang
Laird Holyrood
Lecturer University
Local Iron Farmers
Missionary Missionary
Officer Osiris Security
Regular Winchester
Researcher Osiris Research
Schoolteacher Tartan Army
Sergeant Dragoons
Sir and Ser Poor Soldiers
Sister and Brother Sisterhood
Spokesman, Spokeswoman and Spokesperson Osiris Public Relations

Prestige Titles

These titles are bought with Prestige points.

title cost
Sir and Dame 10000
Lord, Lady and Laird 25000
Baron and Bardoness 50000
Viscount and Viscountess 50000
Count and Countess 100000
Earl and Lady 100000
Duke and Duchess 250000
Prince and Princess 250000
Saint 250000


These titles are awarded for unlocking every entry in a collection.

Title Collection
Exhumer Zombie