UNA Centurion

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The UNA Centurion is an UNPARC owned warship and ice breaker hybrid. The mighty warship, while old, is designed to break through ice sheets and to turn the broken ice floes away from the ship's hull. It is used by the UNPARC for north-pole expeditions against enemy ships and land-based attacks using its advanced artillery. Sent to take on the Osiris Corporation's Arctic Research Facility, and Captained by Roger Dalton and his crew of Sea Wolves, the UNA Centurion has found itself in trouble amidst an ocean of ice. The engine room has been torn, supplies are running low, power must be conserved, but the infamous Sea Wolves aren't easily swayed by misfortune and they will not back down even when the world is burning. Be warned, however, that the Centurion has had a zombie outbreak, leaving many of the sailors dead and dying. The ravaged lower decks, including the engine room, are swarming with the walking dead. Currently stranded in the glacial waters, the UNPARC have no choice but to continue laying waste to their enemies while keeping the blight of their fallen comrades at bay.