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Ethos Enter their vague alignment
Violence −5000
Favours Professor Natalie Klein
Missions Norman Chomsky
Shopkeeper Stephanie King
Tokens Professor Harold Zinn
Teacher Doctor Amanda Wheatley, Stephanie King
Primary None given
Secondary mental.control.observation
Minor electrical.manipulate.computers

The University is a minor faction located in the top floors of the university, in northern Dunglen.

Getting to the faction

The faction has a hidden entrance which is part of a quest. Select the text below to read. NOTE: Quest spoilers within.

To enter the University faction area you need to solve the 'Shafted' quest. This involves climbing through the lift shaft to the fifth floor. You can gain access to the shaft by prying the lift doors. The easiest way to get to the fifth floor is to enter the shaft at the fourth level, that way you only have to climb one level. NOTE: Climbing here is extremely dangerous: failing the skillcheck will likely result in death.


  • cultural inculcation, if you are admired
  • good word, if you are admired

Known Missions

  • Gather 10 batteries
  • Gather 5 computer innards
  • Give 2 large batteries to Norman Chomsky
  • Kill 10 shamblers
  • Kill 5 sleeper zombies