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Experimental Corner



appraise uses mental.knowledge.commerce

Crafting is the art of creating stuff from other stuff with a schematic or from your memory. To do this you will need the right components, skills and commands.

To craft higher-quality items you will need higher-quality components. For those quality components you will have to do more than search around in houses.

Commands That Need Eachother

All commands costs 250 command points.


  • Prospect, to find metal deposits.
  • Mine, to get rough metal from them hills.
  • Smelt, to smelt rough metal into smooth metal bars.
    • Forge, to make something nice of all that metal.
    • Fashion, to make jewellery from metal.


  • Survey, to find suitable trees.
  • Fell, to fell the tree with an axe.
  • Cut, to shorten the fallen tree into logs.
    • Whittle, to shape those logs into simple thingies.
  • Mill, to mill the logs into handy planks.
    • Construct, to make big wooden things with planks.


  • Study, to search for stone deposits.
  • Quarry, to get stone from a deposit, a pickaxe would be handy.
  • Square, to make those stone cubes from rough stone.
  • Shape, to finally make something from that stone.


  • Skin, to strip skins from their previous owners, they probably don't mind.
  • Cure, to preserve the skin.
  • Tan, to tan the cured skin into leather.
  • Stitch, to stitch leather strips together to make a cool leather coat.

Plant Gathering

  • Forage, to find those plants.
  • Harvest, to pull those plants from the earth.