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The post-apocalypse isn't just about zombies

Epitaph Online uses a wellbeing system that you must tend to in order to keep your character healthy, and even more importantly, alive.

  • Thirst and Hunger.
    • Food: Food can still be found scattered around the world, from abandoned houses to ravaged shops. Using Epitaph's 'scavenge' system you can 'search' areas to find loot - and hopefully food and drink! Of course, if you don't wish to lower yourself to being a poor scavenger there are a few other ways of gaining food, such as butchering meat and cooking it, harvesting fruit and vegetables and also through trade. The most important thing here is to keep your eyes open and your stomach full.
    • Thirst: Finding something drinkable can be a bit of a challenge in these dark times. Sure, you may stumble across some old sinks and bathtubs that have water, but guess what? The water's gone bad, and it's not very good for you now. If you were desperate enough you could drink it, but it'd be best to distill water before drinking. On Epitaph Online you can also fill up your containers from streams and puddles that form when it's raining. Just like with food, it's best to keep your eye open for possible sources of water.
  • Oxygen. Oxygen is probably the least important of your wellbeing tree. But that doesn't mean it's useless. When you find yourself in areas without oxygen, such as water, you may need to acquire a breathing apparatus if you wish to survive.
  • Energy. Every action you perform on Epitaph drains your energy. You will want to keep this up, and if you don't then you may find yourself sluggish and slow - and that ain't good in the zombie apocalypse. Luckily enough, you can powernap to replenish your energy.
  • Stamina. Stamina is sort of like 'the health-bar before the health-bar'. While losing Stamina won't do you any harm in itself, once gone though will leave your health exposed.
  • Health. Once your Stamina has been drained, your health will quickly follow. When this reaches 0, you're dead.
  • Resolve. Hey, time's are tough around here and sometimes your psychology will take a hit because of it. There's only so much zombies and so much darkness one can take before they finally snap. But thankfully, things like cigarettes, chocolate, campfires and reading novels can restore your resolve just a bit.