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Hugo's Novel

Postby hugo » Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:13 pm

Hello all zombie survivors.

I'm going to do a self-plug here and recommend my very own novel. I'm currently serializing it to try and garner some attention. It's over on Jukepop. If you're interested in supporting your local Hugo, please head over to the link (at the bottom) and click vote. Each 'chapter' can be voted on, and the more votes my novel gets the higher in the food chain it gets, and the higher in the food chain it gets the more publicity it gets. If you read it and enjoy it, feel free to leave a comment (even a negative comment if you think it's rank - I'm about as easily offended as a fruit fly).

One more thing: if you enjoy the chapters, click on the author's name and click 'follow' - it'll keep you up to date for future chapters, plus it makes me look rad (yeah, I'm bringing that word back).

Thanks a lot!

The link:


Title: The Man in Formaldehyde.

Genre: mystery, crime, thriller, suspense, gothic, horror, supernatural, paranormal.


A Romanian police Lieutenant gives up everything he built in order to stop a man from committing an act of violence, all the while the skeletal hands from his dicey past refuse to let him go. Lieutenant Romulus sets off to a place he can't even be sure is real; a place he heard about only through the alcoholic ramblings of his father.

Meanwhile, in a cemetery overlooking a city of stone and spires and neon lights misting against pavement, Markus Grouse is battling his own demons. A man in a dusty black coat, who just so happens to be digging Markus' grave, has encountered a tedious problem: he can't seem to dig any deeper than three feet. He informs Markus that no one cheats death, and that his time between worlds is ticking away.

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