Lockwood and other MUDs

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Lockwood and other MUDs

Postby hugo » Wed May 29, 2013 7:55 pm

Through my usual surfing of the internet in seek of new and exciting (or old and awesome) stuff I came across another MUD that caught my eye. Now, I haven't played this MUD nor do I know anything more than what is written on the website, but it was enough to catch my attention.

I do like hearing about new things in development (indie-games, commercial games, MUD games...etc) even if I don't actually end up playing[1]. I thought I would post up the blog called 'Appendix G' which has the information on their under development MUD called 'Lockwood'. From their blog they have described it as "...a post-apocalyptic, western, scifi, text-based multi-user dungeon online game" - I would be willing to bet that the Dark Tower series from Stephen King has been a big influence on them, and it's because of that I think that it has caught my eye. Oh, and they have a really nice map and some cool artwork.

I doubt I'll ever play there, but I may log on one day when they have a playable version just to have a look, but I think it's more important that there are still some interesting MUD's being developed. In some ways it's good because people are still interested, but the MUD world is swamped with so many games that the player base gets spread out. Perhaps this is the nature of the MUD player though. I think, at least, we can be thankful that it's not yet another generic fantasy game (I do tend to like fantasy though[2]).

I think that's enough from me. Here's the link:

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[1] And I usually don't.
[2] Well, I like mythological / historical games and I am very picky when it comes to fantasy (extremely picky) so actually for simplicity let's just say I don't like them.

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