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This is a forum for discussion about the LPC progamming language as used in FluffOS and the Epitaph Lib.
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MUD Webpages and Stuff

Postby drakkos » Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:06 pm

So, one of the things I like doing is reading stuff about MUDs. Especially LPC muds. Shocker, I know, but hear me out. I like historical documents, and I like stuff that people are writing about things that are going on right now.

There's a lot of stuff out there, both commonplace and relatively obscure and I think as a group we all have our own little subset of the big picture. As such, I thought it would be frightfully keen if we could all pool our knowledge and share stuff we've written and we're writing, as well as stuff we've found on our travels that is deserving of more eyeballs than it is currently getting.

To get the ball rolling, I'll do a bit of shameless self promotion and then provide a short list some of the cooler things I've encountered in my trawls of the 'net. I'd love to see what you guys can add to this.

Shameless self promotion first:

My MUD commentary blog - ... commentary
The Epitaph Survival Guide -
LPC for Dummies (Second Edition) -
LPC for Dummies 2 -
Being a Better Creator -
Working With Others -
LPC for Dummies (First Edition) - ... ndex.shtml

And some of the better websites I've encountered in my trawls:

MUD blog aggregator -
Mishmash of MUD documents -
Imaginary Realities mirror -
Raph Koster's post on MUD-dev mailing list archives - ... -download/
Collected Bartle Writings -
Psychology of Video Games blog -
Mudstats -
NannyMUD LPC Tutorial -
How To Make Good Quests -
The General to Specific Rule in Room Descriptions - ... riptions.o
Ten Commandments of Room Descriptions - ... ments.html
Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades -
Haslage Archives -
The Elder Game -
Stuff What I Posted - ... chive.html
MUDs on Reddit -
University of Reddit MUD course -

And a couple of researchy things:

Quests in Context: A Comparative Analysis of Discworld and World of Warcraft -
Emergent Perspectives on Multiplayer Online Games: A Study of Discworld and World of Warcraft - ... _17x24.pdf

Tangentially related:


There's a lot more, but I'm more interested in what you guys think is neat out there than I am about what I think is neat.


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