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Postby howando » Mon Oct 13, 2014 8:20 pm

It's so useful and sooo annoying. I keep breaking "it" , usually (possibly exclusively) by trying to "put it in " a container. But I can't reproduce it, and I try sooo hard.

The worst part is the fail message!

> put it in trousers
Nothing to put in a pocket in the pair of red fatigue trousers.
You cannot put a cheap small battery in a pair of red fatigue trousers.
> put batteries in trousers
You put the cheap small battery in a pocket in the pair of red fatigue trousers.

But it is always by chance. I have spent aaaages trying to make it happen reliably. I've tried being non-specific about my target by having multiple matching containers, refering to a single item using plural nouns, getting items "from" external locations rather than my own inventory, I had a feeling it might be scavenged items brought into my inventory but although this is the common fail it's not reproducible. Except sometimes it has been reproducible on an item where I can successfully "look it" and then fail to "put it", but for no reason!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy? If I could find a pattern I could get over it, but there's noooo reason. I going to go through my logs right now and look at every instance to find some kind of pattern and there wont be one.

*shakes fist*

I've literally had inspiration for 5 tests while I've been writing this, and none of them checked out. SO ANNOYING!

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