Category: Hotfix

Sometimes we need to quickly fix things in the game without waiting for a patch. This is where we post about those.


Some schematics had stopped loading, which removed them and those in the same data files from the game, and your very memories.  I’ve fixed that. Yes, you heard me.  I’ve fixed your memories.   You may find yourself remembering things that didn’t happen, or not remembering things that did.  I’m in your heads. I’m in ALL OF YOUR HEADS. Drakkos.

Combat positions

Whoops – turns out I didn’t take into account variable types in the temporarily lame check, and so engaging and disengaging has been prevented in situations where it shouldn’t have been.  So I’ve hot-fixed that. Sorry, Drakkos.

Tagged longs

Hi all As I suspected might be the case, the tagged longs turn out to be too processor intensive to work reliably on the live game.  As such, I’ve deactivated them for now until I can improve the performance. Regards, Drakkos.

Hotfix for Performance

Sup y’all I had to make an emergency hot-fix this morning because first the game started to lock up after a brief period of uptime, and then it just started to lock up entirely.  So, I blocked it off to players for a bit while I worked out the problem.  I think I have now, and will make the game…

Strongholds and Maestro

I discovered an error in a maestro event that resulted in all stronghold supplies being zeroed, rather than just reduced a bit.  I’ve hot-fixed that, and the two clans that I know were effected have been given a few generous stronghold caches to open as a kind of impromptu compensation for it.


I’ve been making a few hotfixes as I go along, as I’ve had time.  Some of these: Greenhouses in generated houses should no longer runtime when you enter Bandage will no longer runtime when you use it Vaults will once again load your stuff when you visit I’m still paying attention, and fixing more things as best I can behind the…


What up. So, a back-end update rendered our media-wiki install a little bit broken, so I’ve upgraded Mediawiki so that we’re using the newest version[1].  Normal Wiki service should now be resumed. Drakkos [1] Or at least, the newest version that wasn’t so buggy it wouldn’t even install.