Category: Hotfix

Sometimes we need to quickly fix things in the game without waiting for a patch. This is where we post about those.

Money parsing

I needed to make a few hot-fixes to how money is parsed, because it was allowing a duplication bug to make its way into the game.  I’ve closed off logins for a little bit to make sure that nothing has obviously broken, but that restriction will be lifted before too much time has passed.  But if you can’t login, that’s…

Error Reporting

We had a little snafu on our mysql database, which meant that no reports that have been made since we patched have actually been saved to the database.  Sorry.  :-/ However, I have been paying attention to runtimes and such, so a number of these will have already been fixed.  If you wouldn’t mind re-reporting anything though that still needs attention,…

Missing Commands

Some complete idiot (I think it was Hugo) uploaded a file from black ops onto a file on Live, which meant that the command giver freaked out and wouldn’t load in a lot of the commands.  I’ve hot-fixed that – your list of commands should look a good deal healthier now.

Regulator Hotfixes

Some hot-fixes ahead of patch 1.1.0: * The base cost of a contract has increased to $5000 * The cost of a contract will go up every time you request a contract * The cost of a contract will go up every time your target has previously been contracted. * Regulators will now properly acknowledge when they have dealt with…