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Major game announcements.

Meeple Like Us birthday

Hi all! Meeple LIke Us just hit its first birthday!  I’m celebrating with a $50 Amazon giveaway, and I wanted to make sure you guys had a chance to get in on it too.  You can find out how here! SO LONG SUCKERS, Drakkos

Patch 1.2.12

Oh God this is so much later than I planned and it is so much less than I had hoped.   I promise[1] that it won’t take so long to put out a patch every again. Anyway, 1.2.12 is now installed – it’s SO OLD now that I expect there will be teething troubles, but I’ll be keeping my eye…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! As is now traditional, here is this year’s Epitaph themed Christmas song.  This one is to the tune of ‘A Winter’s Tale’ by David Essex.  I know it’s not strictly speaking a Christmas song but it is is SEASON APPROPRIATE.  Yes it is.  YES IT IS. Hope everyone has a good day! * * * The days…

Patch 1.2.11

It’s a familiar story – the new semester begins at work, and my productivity here nose-dives for a bit.  That’s on top of the existing nose-dive its taken as a result of my Meeple Like Us research project.   On top of that, the good intentions I had this weekend were undermined by incredibly dodgy internet.  So, just another little…

Patch 1.2.10

Just a small one I’m afraid – a few bug-fixes but nothing very exciting.  I’d planned to use this weekend to bulk it out, but I’ve come down with an unpleasant cold and it’s like my head is being sodomised by not one, not two, but THREE bulls. Anyway, it’s live now! Drakkos.

Performance issues AGAIN

Hi all I’m aware of this, obviously.  Our hosting, Bhost Cloud, is basically the worst hosting in the world now.  They used to be great, and now they’re not.  We’ll be moving servers before long, but in the meantime I just need to shout and berate and scream at them to do their god-damn jobs. Drakkos.