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Major game announcements.

Performance issues again

Once more, our hosting is being incredibly unreliable and thoroughly uncommunicative.  I’m trying to get them to look at the problems, but I don’t know when they’ll get around to answering. We may have to move to a different hosting platform in the future, so consider this an early announcement of potential disruption in the future. Sorry, Drakkos.

The Dice Section

I know I haven’t posted an update blog for a while (things have been busy, as they often are), but I wanted to point you guys to a new blog I’m doing on tabletop gaming – it’s very new, but I’m hoping it’ll be a regular thing if I can get a few contributors going (if you’re interested, drop me…

Patch 1.2.5

Sup y’all This has now been applied to the live game – as usual, I’ll be keeping an eye on runtimes to see what has (inevitably) broken in the ‘fixes’.  It’s been a pretty rough month for Epitaph – I lost two potentially productive weekends to our hosting problems, but never mind.  This coming month will hopefully be better! Catch…

Problems solved?

Sup y’all The culprit for our super poor performance of late seems to have been located – a rogue user on our hosting shard that was sucking up much more of the CPU and memory than is allowed.  That user has been canned, and things seem to be much, much better.  So, hopefully you won’t be subjected to quite so…

Tentatively Open again

So, my hosting hasn’t gotten back to me – they’re due for a shouting.  In the meantime, I’ve tentatively re-opened the live MUD, but if we get any more major lag-spikes I’ll need to close it down again – unfortunately, many things break when we have intermittent 2 minute long periods of lag.  :-/ Drakkos

Performance Issues

Hi all I’m still investigating this, but I’m not sure it’s something in the game itself that’s causing these problems.  I’m chasing it up with our hosting provider, but I’ve had to shut down the game for players at the moment (assuming you can even log on).  I’ll keep you posted. Sorry, Drakkos.