A reshuffling of plans

Hi folks.

In the last blog post I spoke about some of the future plans for area content. I’d like to announce that some of those plans have been reshuffled a bit. It’s not that any of the plans have been cancelled, it’s just that some other things have popped up that are deemed to be more beneficial to Epitaph if they are to be put at the top of the list.

So, what’s changed?

Fort Bracken was going to be a new faction hub featuring Dr. Elgin Kaufman, but right now it’s basically just a shell of a former drug manufacturing warehouse built in the Bracken Mohr bog. With the introduction of Strongholds, Fort Bracken may very well remain a deserted fort ripe for the pickings of player clans. This is basically the major change and it means Fort Bracken has been pushed over to the, ‘Let’s do it, but how and when only Baron Samedi can tell’. The area has some decent back story that could work both as a NPC faction hub or a player-stronghold area. For now, we’ll just have to let it sit and see how it brews.

The Hillman’s Grove saga and new Major Faction areas are still on the list, but there are no more details at this stage.

Since the development pressure of Fort Knox has been eased, it means a couple of new projects have taken its place. As I don’t want to say what exactly is in the works *right now*, out of fear that they may get pushed aside (temporarily), I will say however that there is one particular area that is deep in development. It’s so deep in fact that there should be another blog post in the very near future about it – maybe next month.

I don’t want to promise anything, and that’s why I won’t announce what the new area will be just yet, because when it is announced then that means it’s set in cement to be released – no changes, no reshuffling. An announcement post should keep its promise, unless for very serious reasons.[1]

[1] No, the previous blog post wasn’t an announcement of new areas. It was just a sneak peak at what’s going on behind closed doors, so to speak.


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