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I’m in Scotland at the moment, visiting my family for the holidays. And, contrary to all expectations, Scotland is VERY HOT.

I’m a bit like one of Terry Pratchett’s trolls – I work tremendously well at low temperatures but become sluggish and unproductive at higher ones. That’s what I am just now – sluggish and unproductive.

It’s looking good for our show-stopping driver crashes – Maw and Eek have made some fixes and we’ve now been running for almost four days without a crash. However, we’ve gone that long before and so I’m not yet 100% convinced that the crasher has gone[1].

Those two things together have made made me think we need to adjust the release date. Not by much – just by a couple of weeks.

The two week extension will be long enough to build confidence that we’re no longer stupidly crashy[2], and also ensure that I have two solid weeks when I come back from Scotland to pour into getting the last bits of the todo list dealt with.

So, here’s the announcement. Epitaph will now patch to 1.0 on Friday the 16th of August, at 17:00 GMT. That’s a firm deadline – that’s not going to move. It’ll give us the weekend before I go back to work to fix the things that will undoubtedly be reported, and also enough time to start putting the date out there.

It’s exciting times ahead! Your patience will soon be rewarded. Thanks for sticking with us so far. If you want to see what’s on the cards for the patch, take a wee look at this: And if you want to keep track of how long there is to go, there’s even a counter on the webpage now!


[1] We have no way to force the issue to check, alas.
[2] If that’s fixed, I will be promoting Maw to KING OF THE SEAS. Eek was already King, so it’s just what he does.

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  1. hugo
    July 21, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Exciting times ahead, my friends.

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