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The most frightening monsters look like you and me. Well, maybe they look more like you...

Name Npc Level Skill level Skill set Faction loyalty
black watch soldier brute very skilled warrior Black Watch
child (boy, girl) (Dunglen) minion extremely unskilled warrior randomly selected from Dragoons, Hoteliers, Winchester
child (Eilean Targe) frail average warrior Holyrood
counterespionage agent brute very skilled warrior Osiris Security
Covenant scout brute quite skilled warrior Missionary
Deidre Scumme elite very skilled warrior Holyrood
fisherman/fisherwoman frail quite skilled warrior Holyrood
Grady "Strongman" Boxleiter elite skilled warrior
harrier elite average guerilla hostile to all
huge man elite quite skilled warrior Reivers
man/woman (dunglen) normal unskilled guerilla, thief, or warrior Randomly selected from 'old' Dunglen factions
militiaman elite skilled warrior Caledonia
missionary elite quite unskilled warrior Missionary
operative elite quite unskilled guerilla Osiris Public Relations
peacekeeper elite quite unskilled warrior Diplomatic Corps
raider (overpass version) normal average to skilled soldier Reivers
raider elite average guerilla Reivers, hostile to overpass raiders.
reclamations agent normal quite skilled warrior Osiris Acquisitions
sailor brute skilled warrior Sea Wolves
Tinkerer elite incredibly skilled warrior Tinkerer
townsperson normal quite skilled warrior Holyrood

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