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Dogs are one of many types of animal that inhabit the city of Dunglen. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, much like the dogs you may have met in your life before the infection.

Feral dogs will attack you if they notice that you have food, but will stop if you give them a meal. Feral dogs will not load in the lowest 2 danger levels of Dunglen, but can walk there. Explore with care.

Short Npc Level Skill level Skill set
poodle frail incredibly unskilled animal
yorkshire terrier normal incredibly unskilled animal
dachshund normal extremely unskilled animal
mongrel normal extremely unskilled animal
german shepherd normal very unskilled animal
hound normal very unskilled animal
saint bernard normal very unskilled animal
rottweiler brute unskilled animal
hunting dog brute quite unskilled animal