Dunglen City

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Let's all go to Dunglen City

Dunglen City is the first city you will encounter on Epitaph Online.

What is there to do?

So much stuff.

How do I get there?

You start there.

The mean streets of Dunglen

The streets of Dunglen vary in difficulty depending on how far you are from Alphabet Street. The level of difficulty will determine how many zombies can be in a particular room on the street, as well as what sort of zombies will load in those rooms, what sort of Maestro events you may encounter, as well as the general challenge level of tasks such as lockpicking and searching.

Note: Streets were rebalanced in patch 1.2.12 and this information may be completely inaccurate.

Level 0

Zombies will not load here, and will not move here of their own free will. If they have such a thing.

  • Alphabet street

Level 1

Shamblers are common here. Zombies will not ordinarily enter a room if there is another zombie in it, but maestro may send a swarm of thin zombies to say hello.

  • Brook Street
  • Heron
  • Liquor Alley
  • Rowling Road
  • Snape Street
  • Tennant
  • Thunder Road

Level 2

Two zombies can be in the same room. Bug eyed zombies can load here. Maestro may send a hammer arm, stalker, snake tongue or a pack of feral dogs to make your acquaintance.

  • Elm Street
  • Jannsen Way
  • Lennon Road
  • Lovecraft Road
  • Potter Avenue
  • Sorkin Street
  • Tucker Avenue
  • Wintry Drive

Level 3

  • Lansdale Road
  • Gregor Drive
  • Moran
  • Morrissey Avenue

Level 4

Maestro hates you and will probably send a behemoth.

  • Belford Way (challenges appear to be consistent with level 2 but Maestro events are higher)