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Textbooks are a special type of book that are single use practice objects. Once used, they will crumble to dust.

Unlike regular practice objects, they add a fixed number of levels, and can be used only with a specific range of levels.

  • Intermediate textbooks can be used from level 5 until level 24, and increase your skill by 5 levels.
  • Advanced textbooks can be used from level 25 to 49, and increase your skill by 4 levels.
  • Expert level textbooks can be used from level 50 to 74, and increase your skill by 3 levels, and finally,
  • Advanced journals can be used from level 75 until level 99, and increase your skill by 2 levels.

All of these skill increases can be increased further by the Bookwork knack.

List of Known Textbooks

Title Skill Levels
A Guide to Geological and Mineral Stratification geology.gathering.mining 4
A Shaggy Dog's Tail - Intermediate Animal Training agriculture.theory.animals 5
Advanced Data Structures in Functional Languages electrical.manipulate.computers 4
Advanced Horticultural Techniques agriculture.gathering.harvesting 3
Advanced Methods of Arboreal Surveying agriculture.locating.surveying 4
Advanced Prospecting Techniques geology.locating.prospecting 4
Advanced Technical Drafting for Blueprint Design mental.knowledge.drafting 3
Advanced Techniques in Floating and Stinging mental.analysis.melee 3
Against the Grain - The Theoretical Foundation of Milling Science agriculture.manipulation.milling 3
Algorithmic Complexity for Beginners electrical.manipulate.computers 5
Avoiding Maiming - Expert Techniques for Safe Animal Training agriculture.theory.animals 3
Bears, Bulls, Birds, Bees - Advanced Animal Training agriculture.theory.animals 4
Building Blueprints mental.knowledge.drafting 5
Carving for Cornices materials.manipulate.wood 4
Composition Theory and the Art of Lens Optimisation electrical.theory.cameras 4
Every Part Of The Animal agriculture.manipulation.tanning 4
Extractive Metallurgy - Techniques and Processes geology.manipulation.smelting 3
Fifty Ways to Not Get Slapped in the Face mental.analysis.melee 5
Flux Capacitors in the Smelting Process geology.manipulation.smelting 4
Geological Surveying and Advanced Principles of Prospecting geology.gathering.mining 3
Gestalt Theory and the Psychology of Photography electrical.theory.cameras 3
Give It A Leathering tanning skins
Got Wood - A Beginner's Guide to Wood Manipulation materials.manipulate.wood 5
Helter Smelter - Intermediate Smelting Techniques geology.manipulation.smelting 5
How to Get Wood agriculture.locating.surveying 5
International Journal of Animal Studies agriculture.theory.animals 2
International Journal of Photographic Research electrical.theory.cameras 2
International Journal of Wallsy Location and Identification
Introduction to Forensic Autopsy agriculture.gathering.butchering 4
It's Getting Drafty In Here mental.knowledge.drafting 4
Journal of Computational Sciences and Polymorphic Complexity electrical.manipulate.computers 2
Journal of Extractive Metallurgy and Electrolytic Reduction geology.manipulation.smelting 2
Journal of Horticultural and Agricultural Studies agriculture.gathering.harvesting 2
Journal of Mineral Extraction and Geological Assessment geology.gathering.mining 2
Journal of Non-Fetishised Leather Studies
Journal of Prospective Studies geology.locating.prospecting 2
Journal of Soft and Hard Wood Studies agriculture.locating.surveying 2
Journal of Theoretical Advances in Milling Technology agriculture.manipulation.milling 2
Journal of Theoretical Body Movement mental.analysis.melee 2
Journal of Vivisection, Autopsy and Criminal Forensics agriculture.gathering.butchering 2
Journal of Wood Studies materials.manipulate.wood 2
Leathery Skins and Other Things agriculture.manipulation.tanning
Magnetic Surveying and Gravimetric Analysis geology.locating.prospecting 3
Manual Manipulation of Hard and Soft Woods
Milling Soft and Hard Wood - Basic Techniques agriculture.manipulation.milling 4
Minecraft - A Miner's Handbook geology.gathering.mining 5
Naked Chokes and Groin Punches - A Mixed Martial Arts Handbook combat.unarmed.grappling 4
Onyx Monkey's Guide to Jade Life Feng Shui mental.crafting.aesthetics 3
Picking a Prickly Pear with the Paw agriculture.gathering.harvesting
Polynomial Optimisation in High-Order Recursive Descant Intelligent Algorithms electrical.manipulate.computers 3
Shutterbuggery - A Guide to More Engaging Photography electrical.theory.cameras 5
Teach Yourself Vivisection in a Week agriculture.gathering.butchering 5
The Hideous Heart - Advanced Pathological Techniques agriculture.gathering.butchering 3
The Journal Of Advanced Engineering And Drafting mental.knowledge.drafting 2
There be Gold in Them Thar Hills geology.locating.prospecting 5
Thistles up your Kilt - a Guide to Scottish Flora agriculture.gathering.harvesting 4
Timber Dispersal Patterns and Viability Assessment agriculture.locating.surveying 3
Too Feng For You mental.crafting.aesthetics 2
Where's Wallsy - A Day at the Factory searching an area 5
Where's Wallsy - A Day at the Races searching an area
Where's Wallsy - A Day in Time and Space
Working the Wood - Intermediate Milling Techniques agriculture.manipulation.milling 5