Epitaph Release and our Community

By Hugo

So, where are we? We are post-release now and our current patch number is 1.0.4. Phew. What a week and a half this has been. It’s been both exciting and draining. Exciting to see players actually experiencing our content, and draining because, well, things break. Unexpectedly. I think everything is shaping up nicely now though.…

Smashing Bugs

By drakkos

Well, on Friday we are going hit the two week mark in terms of how long we’ve been open. It’s been crazy busy as we’ve had players on ‘in anger’ for the first time. We’ve had players before of course, but this is the first time they’ve not had to be mindful of the fact…

Patch 1.0.4

By drakkos

Patch 1.0.4 is about to be applied.  You can see the patch notes in the usual ways.  The biggest change is the adoption of NEW MONEY, which we will almost certainly have some teething issues with. But, it’ll be a lot simpler and easier for everyone to work with when you’re used to it.  Instead…

Patch 1.0.3

By drakkos

Patch 1.0.3 has been applied to the game.  It’s nothing very exciting – just some faction fixes. Drakkos

Accessibility Research

By drakkos

As some of you may know, in real life I’m Batm… wait, hang on. As some of you may know, in real life I’m a research into accessibility and games.  I’ve written a few papers on those subjects, and in a desperate attempt to actually justify the effort that went into Epitaph I’d like to…

The Evolution of Epitaph

By drakkos

So, release week is still on-going and it’s been a combination of great fun and back breaking labour.  We’ve managed to put together two follow-up patches and some emergency ‘on the spot’ fixing as necessary.  While the game still isn’t balanced or flawless, it is at least, I think, playable.  People seem to be enjoying…

Plenty of sleep when we’re dead

By drakkos

Just a short post this week, because I’ll be honest – I’m shattered. The last week has been a whirl of bug-fixes, regression testing and some Herculean acts of coding from the whole team that cut it very fine for making it to the deadline. But on Friday we did it – we launched Epitaph…

Patch 1.0.1

By drakkos

Rapidly following on the heels of 1.0 is patch 1.0.1!  There’s not much new content here, but lots of bug-fixes.   Drakkos.

Epitaph 1.0

By drakkos

And with that, we are now OPEN!  Properly open!  No more player wipes, we are all the way live. Thanks for your patience everyone, and thanks to you who gave us such useful feedback and reports over the years.  Everyone who was here before patch day gets a shiny badge to indicate that they were…

Another update

By drakkos

Last minute patch things are taking a little longer than expected.  New estimate for release is 6 PM! I’m sure you’re relishing the anticip…[1] Drakkos [1] …ation.