Parting Words from Canterbury

By drakkos

So, this weekend I’m busy getting ready for the move back to Scotland. Next weekend we’ll be doing the actual move. That means that I won’t be doing much here for a couple of weeks until I’m settled in our new place (which I haven’t even seen yet). That has consequences as you can imagine…

Patch 1.0.15

By drakkos

Patch 1.0.15 has dropped!  BOOM, LIKE AN ATOM BOMB! Expect the usual post patch jitters, especially given how long it’s been since 1.0.14.  I’ll be keeping an eye open. Regards, Drakkos.

Hugo’s New Droit du Seigneur

By drakkos

Congratulations to our very own Hugo, who has just been promoted to Lord. He will now be free to exercise Prima Nocta on all your budding brides, as is the Epitaph Way. He’ll also be taking on a deputy role within the Game domain. This means he has broad authority over hiring, firing, and setting…

Prestigious New Content

By drakkos

I had planned to release a patch on Monday, but it’s been held back a bit while we do some last things. Hugo is putting together an exciting new area for you all (because he’s a little cracker, is our Hugo) and I’m plowing through the mountains of bug-reports that have built up while I’ve…

Hillman’s County: Episode 1 – Silent Hollow

By Hugo

This a quick post about some of the new areas we’re working on, along with the new area that will be arriving with the next patch[1] (Drakkos has more details in his blog post about when this will happen). The first of our area expansions is a project known as Hillman’s County[2], which will arrive…