Patch 1.2.2

By drakkos

Patch 1.2.2 has hit the game like a vicious winter storm forcing hundreds of people out of their houses! As usual, I’ll be keeping an eye on the live game and run-times and such. Happy New Year everyone! Drakkos.

A story for Christmas

By Hugo

But not a Christmas story! I wrote several Epitaph short stories and I thought I would share one for Christmas this year. I’m interested in a lot of the story aspects of the game and game stories in general, so here is a bit of something. Merry Christmas! _____________________________________________________________________________ ‘God grant me the serenity to…

Scary Christmas everyone!

By drakkos

Merry Christmas everyone!  It’s time for our Epitaph Christmas carol! *** A Day in Some Danger (To the tune of Away in a Manger) A day in some danger No clip for his gun The little survivor Could do nothing but run. Saw dead in the darkness, He wailed his dismay. That little survivor, Breathed…

External Login Problems

By drakkos

Hey hey If you’ve been having problems logging into the blog/wiki/boards, then that problem (which was external to us) seems to have been fixed by helpful Christmas elves. Drakkos.


By drakkos

So, this entire weekend (and last weekend) has been spent living up to the promise I made about sitting down and focusing on the graphical client work. When last I looked at it, it was a crashy mess, causing hard lock-ups of Unity because of mishandled threads. It would load in a packet of information…

Patch 1.2.1

By drakkos

Patch 1.2.1 has dropped, fixing some of the more glaring issues I introduced with 1.2.0.  Mea culpa and all that, but I am as before keeping an eye on what’s going on.  Sometimes I fix things you guys don’t even notice. :O Anyway, there will hopefully be a 1.2.2 patch at the end of the…

Mop Up Patch

By drakkos

Hi guys Just as a headsup, there will likely be a small maintenance patch installed on Monday, to mop up some of the issues that strongholds have introduced.   I’m also planning another patch for the end of the month with more fixes and general improvements.  Don’t expect too much from this one (it’ll be…


By drakkos

I’ve been making a few hotfixes as I go along, as I’ve had time.  Some of these: Greenhouses in generated houses should no longer runtime when you enter Bandage will no longer runtime when you use it Vaults will once again load your stuff when you visit I’m still paying attention, and fixing more things as…