Look at this stuff!  Isn’t it neat?  Wouldn’t you think our collection’s complete?

As the next phase in ‘modernize Epitaph’s tools’, we have moved from the bespoke LPC blogging engine we hand to a proper wordpress platform.  This too, like the wiki and the new forums, authenticates against the MUD which means that you can log in using your username and password, for commenting.

In moving to wordpress, we’re losing some of the in-game integration – specifically, the ability to read blog posts while in the MUD.  I think that’s pretty important functionality, so I don’t intend on that being gone for long.  Just bear in mind that for the moment what you see in-game won’t necessarily match what’s on the ‘proper’ blog.

As with moving to the forum software, we get a lot of extra benefit out of using a proper blogging platform – more features with no maintenance cost is of course the big one, but better support for feeds and easier administration also come as part of that package.

As time goes by I will be migrating the MUD commentary content over to here.  The recent developments content won’t be coming across, but it will be archived away in XML if anyone wants it.   I suspect they probably won’t, but it won’t be lost forever.