Sorry for the dearth of posting and activity recently – I mentioned in a post on my last move from  Canterbury to Scotland that it would likely be followed by another move in the near future. Well, it  was! We moved from Stonehaven in Scotland to another part of Scotland, but this time to a house we bought. So this means, *hopefully* that we’re moved for the last time in a long time. God, I hope so anyway – we’ve moved five times in the past three years, either together or separately. I’ll be honest – the novelty has more than worn off.

But, this also has an implication for Epitaph – there won’t be a patch this month, I just haven’t had the time to make any progress towards it at all. Unlike last move though I’m not simultaneously starting a new job, so the disruption this time is a one-off. I had hoped that I’d have the time to do something.  Turns out when you move an box that was never unpacked from one place to another place where it doesn’t get unpacked, it’s a lot quicker to do.

Anyway, apologies again. Normal service will be resumed next month.