Hi all

Epitaph is an LPC based MUD that is set in the very near future of a world closely adjacent to our own. We’ve been developing the game since 2009, and while we’re officially open we still think of ourselves as a 1.0 version in need of extensive development. We’re a small team, and I’m looking for new blood to come on board with the primary aim of extending our game world through the addition of quests, areas, game plot and so on.

If anyone is looking for an area development or coding position on an LPC MUD, I’d appreciate if they gave Epitaph some consideration. We have a full developer manual available which talks about how code is written that people could take a look at – you can find it at https://www.scribd.com/doc/135219005/Epitaph-Survival-Guide.

I should say though that we are a very friendly team, but the creator atmosphere runs to the pitch-black in terms of humour. As a special pre-requisite for being a developer on Epitaph, you have to be almost impossible to offend[1].

There are few special requirements for those who may be interested – you don’t need to be able to code[2], and you don’t need any previous experience. All we ask is that you can devote a non-trivial amount of time[3] to improving the game, and that you have the imagination to put together new and interesting worlds in which our players can wander.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with me at epitaph@imaginary-realities.com, cc’ing hugo.epitaph@gmail.com so we can chat about what you might like to do.


[1] http://epitaph.imaginary-realities.com/wp/?p=376
[2] We’ll help you learn that skill, but you can also do a lot of interesting work on Epitaph without having to worry about code at all.
[3] That exact amount will obviously vary from person to person.