So, I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Duisburg, Germany. I managed to miss my conference presentation because I came down with food poisoning[1] (or at least, that’s my self diagnosis. I am a doctor though, so I think that’s probably accurate). It looks like I’m going to miss the whole conference, which means this is the least productive trip to Germany since Saving Private Ryan[2].

But, I thought I would do a very quick post anyway to let you guys know that you can see the paper, if you’re interested, at It’ll be available for a few weeks at least, and after that I’ll link an ‘authorized'[3] version from my website at  You might want to read it, since it’s about here!

The talk, which I didn’t give, is also available – if you want to see what I was going to say, you can read it here.

Auf wiedersehen, pets.

[1] Pro travel tip – if you’re in Germany, and a vegetarian, and don’t speak the language, think twice about ordering something from a street stall. Just because it looks like you could eat it and order it via pointing and grunting, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
[2] Seriously, all that effort for one guy? What a waste of time.